An episode of "48 Hours Mystery" set to air Saturday on CBS will feature the case of a Barstow single mother of two murdered by her boyfriend in January 2009.

Leisa Hurst went missing on Jan. 22, 2009 and detectives arrested Jeami Chiapulis of Silver Lakes less than a month later. Chiapulis pleaded guilty to second degree murder in November 2009 in a plea bargain agreement after showing detectives where Hurst's body was buried in a garbage can near the former Lake Dolores water park in Newberry Springs.

Chiapulis' other girlfriend, Joyce Fransson, pleaded no contest to accessory to murder charges in a plea deal struck with attorneys in July after two days of a jury trial. Fransson helped dispose of Hurst's car, showed Chiapulis where to bury Hurst's body and lied to detectives about her knowledge of the murder.

Chiapulis and Fransson received sentences of 15 years to life and three years in prison, respectively.

CBS Producer James Stolz said the case was chosen for he program because of the "staggering" amount of deception that Chiapulis used in convincing Hurst he was a good person.

"We have a young successful mother of two girls who thought she met a good man," said Stolz. "(Hurst) was doing well and wanted a boyfriend and thought she met that person."
In addition to two girlfriends Chiapulis was also married to a woman living in Texas.

Chiapulis claimed to be a combat veteran of the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts, although he never made it past basic training after an injury.

Since the case never went to a jury trial, the details of Hurst's death may never be known.

After Chiapulis' and Fransson's sentencings, the case appeared to be over. However, in September Chiapulis was charged with plotting to kill Fransson, Hurst's daughters, and Barstow Police detectives involved in the case, all while in prison. Chiapulis plead not guilty and is awaiting a preliminary hearing in Kern County Superior Court.

Stolz said reruns of the Chiapulis episode of "48 Hours Mystery" may contain updates on the progress of Chiapulis' current case.

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