Public safety and good deeds in Barstow

It seems that more often than not the bad guys and unpleasant things get the most publicity. I think our little town of Barstow has its share of both. Hopefully the good things will always outweigh the less pleasant news and such is the purpose of this letter.

In the closing months of 2011 the volunteers for Holiday meals made up and delivered hundreds if not thousands of Thanksgiving and Christmas meals to the needy.

We had the Toys for Tots/Cops for Kids program deliver hundreds of toys to children who otherwise would have had little to nothing to brighten their eyes.

The public safety folks, City of Barstow street and road crews, Fire Department, police/sheriff/highway patrol departments and others were out there getting the job done during the toy deliveries, the perchlorate water issue, the heavy rainfall and the Mojave River flooding issue.

The men from our Fire Department were reported to have sandbagged breeching levees and even helped move livestock from flooded areas. How many of you job holders out there get dispatched from your comfort zone and fill and toss sandbags or herd horses?

I'm sure there is a group(s) and or individuals that deserve mention here and I am unaware of those efforts.

To all those mentioned and those I missed, thank you.

Douglas Settle, Barstow