Jobs more important than birds

Every one is complaining about high prices, no jobs. We have companies wanting to build solar plants and wind farms so we don't use carbon fuel, then the environmentalists stop them so they won't hurt eagles. That is just another bunch of crap. If the eagles are dumb enough to fly into them, so what? The dinosaurs died out. Do we need them? No.

This is just to make more jobs for those that live off the rest of us and produce nothing. If need be I will shoot the eagles so they won't get in the fan. What good are they anyway? Just another way to waste money. Like all the other crap about global warming. There have been several ice ages and then warm times. People had nothing to do with it. The creator planned it that way so why does man think he can change it? Do they think they are smarter than the creator?

If all the money wasted on ecology and greenhouse gas was spent on the people every person on earth would be well off. It is time to wake up.

Joe Golden, Yermo

Casino hopes continue

I would just like to thank all the people from Barstow who contacted Senator Diane Feinstein and Senator Barbara Boxer encouraging them to stop legislation that would have prevented building a casino and resort in Barstow.

I am happy to report that Senator Feinstein's attempt to stop the casino project in Barstow was not successful. As we move forward we need to continue to monitor the situation and make sure the people in Washington know that the Los Coyotes and the City of Barstow and its citizens fully support this vital project that is important to our tribal members and the local economy.

We are excited to have the City of Barstow as a partner and we are happy to report this good news. We will need your help to remain strong and focused in our efforts to make this project a reality.

Shane Chapparosa, executive spokesperson, Los Coyotes Band of Cahuilla and Cupeņo Indians