HINKLEY The Lahontan Regional Water Quality Control Board issued an order Friday to Pacific Gas and Electric to provide bottled water to residents in Hinkley whose wells exceed a standard for chromium 6, although PG&E is already providing bottled water to residents who live in the affected area.

A cleanup and abatement order was issued by the water board on Friday for the utility to provide bottled water to residents who had concentrations of chromium 6 above 3.1 parts per billion the maximum level of naturally occurring chromium 6 previously set by the water board or who had levels of total chromium above 3.2 parts per billion.

PG&E has been voluntarily providing replacement water to residents living within the project boundary, including residents affected by the order, said Jeff Smith, spokesman for PG&E. The project boundary roughly lies between Summerset Road and Mountain View Road, south of Thompson Road and north of Community Boulevard.

The water board was originally supposed to issue the order at the end of November. Lauri Kemper, assistant executive officer at the water board, previously said six residents would be affected by the replacement water order. Calls to the water board were not immediately returned on Friday.

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