BARSTOW The waters may have receded in the Mojave River after flooding last month, but officials are still tallying the amount of damages in the city and three major roads remain closed after being washed out by the river.

Water released last month from Cedar Spring Dam in Hesperia into the Mojave River after heavy rains caused damage throughout the High Desert, including an area of Soapmine Road that was flooded after a levy broke in the area.

Terri Willoughby, finance director for the city, said that Barstow has spent at least $30,000 cleaning up flood damages. She said that the city would have better estimates of the figures after completing payroll figures for the flooding. While most of the damage has been repaired in the city, the county of San Bernardino still has a large number of roads that still need to be repaired.

There are still three roads that are closed in the area after the Mojave River overflowed its banks and swept away asphalt. Construction is expected to begin on Harvard Road in Newberry Springs at the Mojave River next week, but Hinkley Road and Lenwood Road are both closed indefinitely, said Ronni Edis, a spokesperson from San Bernardino County public works.

Edis said repairs needed to be made to the shoulder at Harvard Road after flood waters undermined it in December. Lenwood Road near Hinkley has had a portion of the drainage pipes under the road completely washed away, and Hinkley Road has had the approach to the bridge swept away from underneath.

Edis did not have an estimated cost of the damages to the three roads and said that the county was still assessing the damage to find a way to fix the roads.
San Bernardino County has had 998 different public properties such as roads, bridges, drainage systems, government buildings, parks and recreation facilities and utilities damaged by the flooding at an estimated cost of $42,561,966.

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