BARSTOW • The dam that caused part of the flooding in the Soapmine Road area is releasing only a small fraction of the water that flowed into the Mojave River last week, but several roads in the area remained closed on Monday and Barstow remained under a local emergency declaration.

The Mojave River overflowed its banks last week after water was released from Cedar Spring Dam in Hesperia after large rainstorms hit Southern California. Several roads that crossed the Mojave River have been closed with no anticipated reopening date due to the flooding and some  properties in the Soapmine Road area south of Interstate 15 were flooded last week after a levee in the area broke.

Crews opened Minneola Road at the Mojave River in Newberry Springs on Monday afternoon, but other streets in the area that were closed will remain closed until crews can repair them.

A representative from the Flood Operations Center from the Department of Water Resources said Monday that water was still being released from the Cedar Spring Dam in Hesperia as of Saturday. Officials reduced the rate of water flow to about 100 cubic feet per second, which is about 15 times less than the amount released on Thursday when the Soapmine Road area was flooded.

Firefighters and work crews worked on Thursday night to repair the damage to the levee and the Soapmine Road area was mostly dry by Monday morning.

One of the residents living on Marks Road said he was glad that crews were able to keep his home from flooding.

"Over here, it wasn't too bad," said Dave Reddy, whose home was close to the levee that broke. "We had the firefighters out here, so everything calmed down [on Thursday night]."

Reddy said the firefighters and other workers never made the family leave their home, but they were prepared to leave at a moment's notice if the water continued rising. He said that he did not have any property damage, despite the high water levels in the neighborhood.

The City of Barstow is still cleaning up after the flood damage to the city, but is expected to withdraw its local emergency proclamation sometime this week, said Terri Willoughby, acting city manager for the City of Barstow. She said the majority of the work being done was on storm channel repairs and general street cleaning. Willoughby said that as of Monday morning, there were no road closures in the city of Barstow and no evacuation orders for residents.

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