With midterm elections Tuesday, the Desert Dispatch asked candidates running for the U.S.  25th Congressional District, representing Barstow, for statements about their positions. Republican incumbent Howard P. "Buck" McKeon did not respond to the request for a statement by Friday.

Democratic challenger Jackie Conaway's response, unedited:

Jackie will:

(1) Support continued efforts at health care reform which will ensure health care for all citizens with each of us controlling physician and course of care choices;

(2) Make sure our troops, when they return, will get the support they and their families need--not just medically, but job training & placement assistance;

(3) Protect our seniors' social security against privatization attempts, cuts and attempts to borrow against the social security funds in trust to fund tax cuts for the wealthy;

(4) Fight to expand development of alternative domestic energy sources so we can reduce reliance on foreign oil;

(5) Press for banking reform that puts money in the hands of consumers as well as the investors;

(6) Develop an incentive and seed grant program to encourage development of new small businesses--the place we can see job growth the quickest.

(7) Guarantee higher education assistance for all qualified students, no matter their age

(8) Eliminate regulations that do not improve public safety,but needlessly drive up food & commodity costs

(9) Discourage outsourcing by giving tax breaks to companies that keep their plants and jobs here in America!