With the 2010 midterm election less than a week away, the Desert Dispatch solicited remarks from candidates in running for State Assembly District 34, representing the Barstow area. Responses have not been edited.

Democratic Candidate Esmeralda Castro did not have a phone number or e-mail address listed for media contact and could not be reached.

Connie Conway, incumbent:

Thank you for the opportunity to have served you for the past two years as the Assemblymember representing District #34.  Prior to the 2008 election I had served as a member of the Tulare County Board of Supervisors for eight years. During that time I served as Board Chair for two years.  I also served as President of the California State Association of Counties and Chair of the CA Partnership for the San Joaquin Valley, a regional consortium of private and public entities focused on quality of life issues created and appointed by the executive order of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Through these representative opportunities I have learned that the ability to listen, keep your "boots on the ground" and remember that by focusing on what is important to each local community is the best way to problem solve.  

Today's issues can be qualified in one word - economy.  The economic climate drives all of the other issues that we face in California today. I know you have heard it said "jobs, jobs, jobs" and I believe the only way we recover, keep our communities safe and secure, and keep a quality of life in a thriving community is to keep our economy productive.  

Education, infrastructure, and the ability to serve depend on our ability to provide for all of those things with a healthy economy.  I will continue to fight for every community in the district by focusing on a balanced budget, fiscal sensibility, and paring down the over regulation and intrusion that keeps the entrepreneurial spirit that this country was founded on thriving.