Name: Megan Peacock    
Grade: Senior
Sport: Tennis
Position: No. 1 doubles
Favorite sports team: Dallas Cowboys
Favorite athlete: LeBron James
Favorite food: Mozzarella cheese sticks
Favorite movie: "Just Write"
Favorite actor/actress: Queen Latifah
Favorite TV show: "I don't have a favorite TV show."
Favorite band/musician: Say Anything
Favorite song: "Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too"
Favorite Del Taco order? Chili cheese fries

Future Goal(s): Go to Florida State and manage my brother as a musician.

Non-sports hobby: Cooking

Biggest influence: My mom.

Why did you pick your number or what number would you pick and why? 8, because it's the infinity symbol knocked up and it has so no end. There's no limit to how far you go. The power never ends.

Which "Jersey Shore" character do you prefer Snookie or J-Wow? I do not watch that TV show and think it's the most ridiculous thing. I don't know why people watch it. I'd never waste my time with it.