BARSTOW After shutting down its off site crushing facility and updating its equipment, a local rock mining company has been recognized by the local air quality district for curtailing its dust and diesel emissions.

Brubaker-Mann, which has mined and sold decorative rock in Barstow for 60 years, has won the Mojave Desert Air Quality Management District's 2009-10 Exemplar Award.

Brubaker-Mann upgraded its rock-crushing and diesel equipment to be in compliance with state Assembly Bill 32, which requires businesses to upgrade its equipment to newer, cleaner technology, said company president Julie Clemmer. The company has also started trucking material from its quarry near Interstate 15 and Fort Irwin Road to its Barstow location to cut down on the amount of dust.

"We decided to have one facility with improved equipment rather than two with equipment that wasn't quite as sufficient," Clemmer said, adding that the employees who worked at the off site location were able to transfer to the Barstow location. "We were able to reduce our emissions by more than half."

Brubaker-Mann's plant wasn't always dust-free, according to Doug Shumway, who had worked at Mitsubishi's cement plant doing environmental work and now does consulting work. The plant in Barstow and the quarry outside of Barstow had dust problems, and Clemmer's diesel engines were also becoming a problem.

Combining the two plants solved the dust problem. And Clemmer began replacing the plant's equipment a few years ago, he said. Clemmer has also trained her employees to be vigilant about their dust emissions. Shumway, who has worked with Clemmer for three years, nominated Brubaker-Mann for the air quality district's award.

"It took a lot of forethought by her to do this," he said. "This gal has really stepped up to the plate. I think she deserved the recognition."

The Mojave Desert Air Quality Management District presents the Exemplar Award to businesses, organizations and individuals within its district that demonstrate who develop and implement projects designed to reduce or prevent air pollution. The air quality district will present the award to Brubaker-Mann Oct. 25.

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