Name: Rebecca Wainner
School: Barstow High School
Grade: Senior
Position: Defensive specialist

Favorite sports team: Manchester United
Favorite athlete: Christiano Rinaldo
Favorite movie: 'The Hangover'
Favorite actor/actress: Kate Hudson
Favorite TV show: 'One Tree Hill"
Favorite band/musician: Rhianna

Greatest accomplishment:  Playing in New York and our team was Brooklyn Champs.
Future Goal(s): To work at a psychiatric ward as a psychiatrist.

Non-sports hobby:  Spend time with family.
Biggest influence: Ryan Austin Wainner (Big Brother)

Why did you pick your number? I'm number three because when I made varsity soccer as a freshman I got number 3, and I just stuck with it.
Favorite Del Taco order? Chili cheese fries with a cup of ice.