VICTORVILLE A Los Angeles gang member convicted of murdering a 15-year-old Barstow girl was sentenced Thursday to 212 years to life in prison.

Britin Amiel Riley, 25, showed tears as the victim's mother made her impact statement speech. Angela Christine Bryce, the mother of Mylela Christine Elizabeth Victoria Ransom, was reading a written statement before she suddenly paused and began speaking angrily at Riley.

Riley told Bryce he was sorry for her daughter's death, but said he wasn't the shooter. He broke down toward the end of his speech.

On the night of the shooting, Riley was driving a rental car and stopped at a gas station on Bear Valley and Amethyst roads, and some of his passengers got into a verbal altercation with another group.

Riley drove past two vehicles on Bear Valley Road, firing shots at six occupants, including Ransom, according to the three passengers who were in Riley's car. Ransom, who was a sophomore at Barstow High, died from a single gun shot wound to the head.

Prosecutors said Riley's motive for the killing was to earn respect as a Crips gang member. But Riley said in the trial that a female passenger in his car was the actual shooter. Jurors couldn't reach a verdict on whether he was the shooter or not.

Riley was convicted of the first-degree murder of Ransom and five counts of premeditated attempted murder of five others.

Riley, who joined Rolling 40's Crips at 14 years old, was convicted in 2003 of a federal felony related to a Los Angeles bank robbery. After serving more than three years in federal prison, he moved to Victorville to get away from his gang life, Riley told a probation officer.

According to Riley's probation officer's report, Ransom was Bryce's youngest of the four children and Ransom raised her alone. More than 500 people attended Ransom's funeral.

"If he had known her, he would not have killed her," Bryce said according to the probation officer's report.