On health care profits

What Steven Beavers is saying ("Health care under President Obama," August 18) is exactly what the established system is doing. Right now, insurance companies have to make profits, the biggest the best. Hospitals have to make profits as well, and they must finance all the equipment and personnel at the hospital, including attorneys, whether they have patients or not. They must have a billing department, and insurance companies have to have a billing and paying department as well as attorneys to protect them from errors committed.

Hospitals know how to make suing quite difficult. There is a lot of bureaucracy adding to the cost of health care. Doctors do not have the freedom to do or prescribe what they may think best because they depend of what the insurance company permits and authorizes. Right now, it seems that everybody has high cholesterol and drug companies would like to put most of the adult population on statin drugs; a sure way that after a while you would have an additional health problem. People can have dangerous plaque in the arteries and yet show a normal cholesterol reading, but no tests are provided to check that, until the heart begins to manifest. A function of cholesterol is to nourish and repair cells.

The best interest of the government is to have healthy people who work and pay taxes, the greater the number the best. People's good health should be in the best interest of any government and everyone.

Right now, many are dying at a high cost to everyone. I see in the obituaries lots of people who do not make it to retirement age. Many baby boomers are dying early. Is the current establishment helping reduce the Social Security payroll for the boomers generation? Some people go to the hospital when they have lost everything and then it may be too late for surgery; however they spend a few days in one or two hospital until they die and then some large bills are sent to the government.

I think that those who oppose change and like the status quo must be making money the way it is or have special interests with the current status. People are made to believe that they have it better than anywhere else, they appear ignorant or brainwashed.

One interesting thing to note is: Why are there so many attorneys? Are they choosing that profession to make justice? Why aren't there more doctors? In a country where fairness rules there would be little need for attorneys.
If there was a kind of health insurance where one percent of everybody's taxes went towards health care with clinics that do not need a billing department, but took care of anyone in need, I am sure that the quality of life would increase to match the countries with the highest quality of life.

It seems to me that many Americans appear misinformed and have little control of their money and health.

Lisa Miranda, Barstow