Cut back spending to deal with crisis

The unemployment rate is rising. City and school district budgets are being cut. How do cities and school districts cope with the mess the state and county fools have made of state finances?

You start by acknowledging that there is a very real financial crisis and cut all unnecessary spending. All conferences and travel must stop. Replace only supplies and equipment that are vital. Everyone must look at their department, or city or school district and speak up about where savings can be made. Just because your job isn't on the line at this moment doesn't mean it won't be.

If you cut personnel, the state crisis becomes worse. No taxes are paid by those staff and they can no longer make purchases. It is a downward spiral.

All elected officials need to look at every dime spent right down to that bottle of water provided to you at meetings. Why can't the Barstow Unified office carpet go without a shampooing? Why aren't all conferences held by WebEx?

Every day I see state, county, city and school district administration and elected officials conducting daily business with no changes. All you have done is put the staff that do the actual work out of a job and kept the staff whose salaries can support four and five families. All elected officials need to give up stipends of any kind. Find a way to meet your budget without cutting positions.  It can be done.  

The cost of housing rose until the market could no longer support those prices. It is time to look at the salaries paid to top administrators. The market can no longer support such salaries. Elected officials need to look at those salaries and renegotiate them.

Raynette Greaver, Barstow