We need health care reform now

Health care reform can't wait. Each day, 14,000 people in the U.S. lose their health care coverage. That is corrupt and wrong and there is no excuse for it our nation, the richest nation on earth.

Thousands of Americans die each year for lack of much needed life-saving health insurance. People who even think they are covered are sometimes denied life saving health care treatment by these overly corrupt health insurance companies who dole out excuses why they can't pay a claim when the time comes to pay a claim. Without reform, those who still have insurance will see their premiums go up by $9,000 in the next ten years to a staggering $22,000!

We need reform with a real public option in order to expand coverage to more Americans. Under current legislation, which includes a strong public health insurance option, 37 million Americans will gain coverage by 2019.

Americans need a real health insurance option in order to lower costs. With premiums projected to hit $22,000, we need to get costs down. Greed has no place in our health care system. America is the only industrialized nation that still doesn't guarantee health care as a basic right. People with pre-existing health conditions should not be denied coverage either. Our current health care system is exceedingly greedy and out of control and the time has come to fix it. It is unethical to make such huge profits on the sick, injured, elderly and dying. People sometimes lose their entire life savings after they get sick, or injured, just because of these sky rocketing health care costs.

By spurring competition, a public plan will help bring down these current out-of-control health care costs for individuals, families, and small businesses. We truly need health care reform now!

Jeffrey Quillinan, Barstow

This depression will be even worse

The Great Depression by Benny Arredondo (August 10) hit it right. I lived by the railroad tracks then and every freight train had 50 or so hobos. As soon as a train stopped they would run to the houses for food. When five or six got to one house the rest went to the next house. Can you imagine 10 or 15 trains a day and you trying to feed them? You were just surviving yourself.

Well this one is going to be a lot worse. With the government getting bigger all the time and everyone like Sen. Feinstein trying to make it bigger with her park. More rangers and places to live for us to pay for. That is why we have the Second Amendment so we can stop big government. The gun grabbers can't wait to disarm the people just like Germany in the last war. Disarm the people then gas them.

The gun grabbers don't even know what an assault rifle is so they call them all that. How about the drunk woman that just killed all her kids and another family with her car. Now that is an assault car. I think we should ban all cars because they kill 100 times as many people a year as all the guns do. Lets get on this disaster.

Joe Golden, Yermo