Nursery Products LLC is still trying to get their proposed compost/sludge facility west of Hinkley okayed through the county and Helphinkley is still fighting them. But can't do this alone. The residents of Barstow, Daggett, Yermo, Newberry Springs, Helendale, and non-member Helphinkley Hinkley residents need to help.  Do you really want this facility in your backyard? This facility will detrimentally impact our air, water, health, harm the habitat of wildlife, cause traffic problems on State Hwy. 58, and possibly be a fire hazard. You must help!

The Supplemental Environmental Impact Report (SEIR) is out now. The judge here in Barstow required that Nursery Products go back and redo several points in the original EIR. These points were supposed to cover the issues of a water source for this facility and the economic feasibility of enclosing this facility. Nursery Products says there is enough water (from a well) — 1,000 gallons/day! They will have to drill a well and this water will be coming from our water supply to wet down compost piles to produce a compost product that Nursery Products says they have a market for (do we actually know this as fact?). On the issue of the feasibility of enclosing this facility to better protect the environment and our health Nursery Products says it is not economically feasible to cover this large facility. Why does it have to be so large? Who's sludge/green waste are they using in their composting? Not ours!  The sludge/green waste will be trucked in from LA and other areas. 

You have until September 13 to comment on the SEIR. To read the SEIR go to the county website  — or read the copy at the Barstow Branch Library or the Hinkley Senior Center. Please send your comments and/or questions to Carrie Hyke, Principal Planner, Advance Planning Division, 385 N. Arrowhead Ave., First Floor, San Bernardino, Ca 92415-0182.

Joan Bird