Local school districts are making some measurable gains in student performance on the California Standards Tests, according to the 2009 report released Tuesday by the California Department of Education.

Overall, the Barstow Unified School District improved in all four test categories English, history, mathematics and science. The most significant jump was in English, where BUSD student scores rose almost six percentage points from the 2007-08 school year, according to the report.

Students take the CST every spring, and the 2009 results reflect on the 2008-09 school year. All students in grades two through 11 take the series of exams, which measure a student against academic benchmarks set by the state.

Six of BUSD's eight elementary schools saw percentage gains in the double-digits in at least one subject area. Test scores at Cameron Elementary School, the largest elementary school, shot up 15.3 percentage points in English and 11.8 percentage points in math.

While Barstow High School's English scores improved by five percentage points, two categories history and math fell slightly from the 2008 CST results, according to report.

"We definitely have room for more improvement," said Scott Godfrey, principal of BHS.

Student results are placed into one of five proficiency categories, and for the first time, if students score either "below basic" or "far below basic" they will be placed in an intervention program, according to BUSD officials.

For BHS students, that could mean having to give up an elective class and having to take more math this upcoming year, according to Godfrey.

Silver Valley High School Principal Cameron Smart noted that SVHS still struggled in the Algebra I category this year, but noted that the after-school tutoring program, which started last year, will begin again next week.

"If we catch them before they're too far behind" we can help them to be successful, Smart said.

Other schools in SVUSD saw a mix of improvement and backsliding. Of the three schools at Fort Irwin, Tiefort View Intermediate School and Fort Irwin Middle School improved in the majority of their scores, while Lewis Elementary School scored lower than last year.

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Breakdown by schools

The following includes the percentage of students, in both BUSD and SVUSD, that scored at a proficient or advanced level on the California Standards Tests during the past two school years.

Barstow Unified School District

Barstow High School

2008-09: 35.8 percent (English); 19.9 (history); 5.1 percent (math); 32.9 (science)

2007-08: 33.8 percent (English); 20 percet (history); 7 percent (math); 21.8 percent (science)

Central High School

2008-09: 10.5 percent (English); 7 (history); 7.4 percent (math); 7.5 (science)

2007-08: 12.4 percent (English); 4.2 percet (history); 3.3 percent (math); 9.8 percent (science)

Barstow Junior High School

2008-09: 40.6 percent (English); 18.6 (history); 17.5 percent (math); 27.1 (science)

2007-08: 30.1 percent (English); 14.5 percet (history); 13.5 percent (math); 27.2 percent (science)

Barstow Intermediate School

2008-09: 44.5 percent (English); 53.8 percent (math); 36.2 percent (science)

2007-08: 30.1 percent (English); 45.7 percent (math); 31.8 percent (science)

Cameron Elementary School

2008-09: 58.7 percent (English); 72.4 percent (math)

2007-08: 43.4 percent (English); 60.6 percent (math)

Crestline Elementary School

2008-09: 41.4 percent (English); 54.9 percent (math)

2007-08: 30.8 percent (English); 37.3 percent (math)

Henderson Elementary School

2008-09: 54.6 percent (English); 71.4 percent (math)

2007-08: 40.7 percent (English); 65.3 percent (math)

Hinkley Elementary/Middle School

2008-09: 55.5 percent (English); 20 percent (history); 58.1 percent (math); 44.9 (science)

2007-08: 46.1 percent (English); 10 percent (history); 44.9 percent (math); 32.1 (science)

Lenwood Elementary School

2008-09: 39.4 percent (English); 56.7 percent (math)

2007-08: 30.3 percent (English); 44.5 percent (math)

Montara Elementary School

2008-09: 43.4 percent (English); 50.9 percent (math)

2007-08: 31.7 percent (English); 42.9 percent (math)

Skyline Elementary School

2008-09: 65.8 percent (English); 78.1 percent (math)

2007-08: 56.3 percent (English); 75 percent (math)

Thomson Elementary School

2008-09: 41.2 percent (English); 51 percent (math)

2007-08: 40.9 percent (English); 55.9 percent (math)

Silver Valley Unified School District

Silver Valley High School

2008-09: 43.2 percent (English); 34.2 percent (history); 17.4 percent (math); 50.4 percent (science)

2007-08: 44.5 percent (English); 29 percent (history); 11.3 percent (math); 43 percent (science)

Silver Valley Academy

2008-09: 13.3 percent (English); 7.7 percent (history); 0 percent (math)

2007-08: 34.8 percent (English); 27.3 percent (history); 12.5 percent (math)

Fort Irwin Middle School

2008-09: 56.8 percent (English); 43.9 percent (history); 33.1 percent (math)

2007-08: 50.3 percent (English); 36 percent (history); 27.4 percent (math)

Tiefort View Intermediate School

2008-09: 59 percent (English); 58.7 percent (math); 60.4 percent (science)

2007-08: 33.3 percent (English); 41.5 percent (math); 56.3 percent (science)

Lewis Elementary School

2008-09: 54.4 percent (English); 58.8 percent (math)

2007-08: 59.6 percent (English); 62 percent (math)

Newberry Springs Elementary School

2008-09: 58.7 percent (English); 72.4 percent (math)

2007-08: 43.4 percent (English); 60.6 percent (math)

Yermo Elementary/Middle School

2008-09: 38.4 percent (English); 20.4 percent (math); 34.7 percent (science)

2007-08: 41 percent (English); 21.2 percent (math); 36.6 percent (science)

Source: California Department of Education.