FORT IRWIN At least thirty-four employers will be scouting out potential future employees at a job fair held at Fort Irwin on Wednesday.

Recruiters will be looking to fill positions ranging from entry level clerical and food service workers to more specialized jobs with law enforcement or military equipment training, according to Heather Barbiche, employment readiness program coordinator for Army Community Services.

"It's a wide variety," Barbiche said.

The pay range will also vary, according to Barbiche, who said jobs can start from $7-an-hour and go up to an annual salary of $81,000, which is for a federal management analyst position, she noted.

While the job fair will be held on post, some employers will be looking to hire employees to work in other locations for example General Automics Aeronautical, an Adelanto-based business, and the Los Angeles Police Department.

Bill Goodson, vice president of U.S. Logistics which recently was looking to hire a large number of workers and recruited at the Barstow Marine Corps Logistics Base job fair in July said that certain positions, like those U.S. Logistics offers, require highly specialized skills.

Goodson attended the MCLB job fair where more than a thousand people lined up for hours to enter the fair. He didn't want to see people waste time vying for positions that require skills job seekers don't possess for example, instructor jobs for various military equipment, he said.

"They have to have a great deal of experience in the military on that piece of equipment," Goodson said. "They're pretty advanced in what they do."

"You have to be willing to travel overseas and sometimes security clearance is involved," he added.

Barbiche recommended job seekers to arrive at Sandy Basin Community Center between 30 to 45 minutes early, dressed professionally and with copies of resumes in hand. She said she was unsure how many people the employers were currently looking to hire.

"It's all going to be based on their need and their urgency," she said.

Fort Irwin officials predicted that traffic into the fort would be delayed due to plans to start construction on the entrance gate this week. According to media relations coordinator Etric Smith, construction has not started yet and traffic flowed smoothly Monday morning.

Fort Irwin Job Fair

Date: Wednesday, Aug. 19.
Time: 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Location: Sandy Basin Community Center, 4553 Tippecanoe St., Fort Irwin.
Getting through security: Bring photo identification and up-to-date vehicle registration and proof of insurance.
Directions from the gate: Drive two miles and turn left on Inner Loop Road. Drive one mile and turn left on Goldstone Road. After about three blocks, turn left on Omaha Beach Road, and Sandy Basin Community Center will be directly ahead.
Questions? Contact Army Community Services at (760) 380-5165.