City needs to make sure hospital gets built

Thanks for taking notice of my concerns at the last City Council meeting on Aug. 3 and writing an editorial. It appears though that Scott Shackford missed my whole point, which is whether CHS intends to ever honor their purchase agreement contract, which started in 2005 with the City of Barstow to build a hospital.
We do agree that hospital has to be built due to the current hospital not conforming to state earthquake safety guidelines.

Let us look at the facts: The CEO Mr. Stewart came before the City Council in Oct. 2008 and stated that the plans for the new replacement 60 bed hospital were 60 percent complete but would not respond to Councilman's Curran question as to when the other 40 percent would be completed.

Per the Office of State Health Planning and Development and you can check it out on the web CHS submitted plans in April 2008 for the new replacement hospital and they were returned to them on June 13, 2008 noting defects. At that time CHS informed the state agency they would not be resubmitting the plans because they would be building a smaller hospital.

What would you think if someone came to you and gave you a statement, which they knew was false four months after making a different statement to the state agency OSHPD?

We also agree that the city should not be in the hospital business but Shackford has greater trust in CHS doing the right thing and building a hospital. Hes should do his research and note that they have been stalling this project with extensions and amendments. When I researched with OSHPD, I really became alarmed at what I found out. It is the responsibility of the City Council to monitor contracts and, as Shackford says, they cannot take care of the streets' infrastructure. What do you think will happen to the replacement hospital being built if no one holds CHS accountable as to doing what they say they will do? The issue is not whether it is 30 or 60 beds, but will a hospital be built?

Carmen Hernandez, Barstow