Internet claims of white genocide

South Africa today is a land which is completely under the control of the righteous black people. The evil apartheid people are being systematically erased from the population. The wealthy apartheid people have, by now, long since emigrated to other countries. Rich people are welcome to move into any country, so long as they bring their money with them.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has just visited Johannesburg where she has made a couple of suggestions to the righteous South African government in driving economies for all of Africa. This means she wants South Africa to be a breadbasket for all of Africa. By the time the righteous black government gets through with it's extermination policy of the white farmers, South Africa won't even be able to feed itself.

On the isolated South African farms where genocide of more than 3,000 farmers and their families has taken place over the years since Apartheid came apart, there's literally no one left to produce the crops. South Africa used to produce plenty of food at reasonable prices. The thugs enter the farms, torture and murder the farmer and his family, not forgetting to rape the women and girls. Even the infants are murdered, one elderly farmer and his wife were thrown alive into a cauldron of boiling oil. Robbery of the valuables is an incidental, like an afterthought, sometimes nothing is taken. And the genocide is spreading to the cities; the government policy is if the whites don't like it here, all they have to do is leave which is exactly what they are doing. Tourists no longer go to South Africa, once called "Land of Sunshine" as Vera Lynn used to sing it.

Do you wonder why there is no news in the U.S. press or on the TV about this genocide? The sob sisters who sang the blues about apartheid don't want it known that they might have made a little mistake. On the AOL search there's no information on this subject, but the Google search engine has lots of material. Also President Obama wants to hear absolutely nothing about this, after all, he has his main voting bloc to consider. News and information can be withheld from the U.S. public just as easily as it was withheld by Hitler or Stalin.

Robert Annal, Barstow