There are real reasons to opppose Obama

As usual Carol Jensen, in her op-ed article of August 4 has 'em rolling in the aisles with her typical Dan Rather/New York Times moments. In her blindly partisan eyes, it seems that all the urban legends, outright lies, and false innuendo generated by petulant disgruntled liberal media and partisans toward Bush for many years were somehow more justifiable than recent similar criticisms directed against Barack Obama.

Now I personally, and the great majority of conservatives in this country, believe that Obama's conduct of the executive business of this country has so far, been nothing short of disastrous, and will have very negative long term consequences for the economic, social, and indeed physical health of this nation. If the socialist, globalist inertia of this administration is not arrested enough to take pause and consider the real import of painting with such a broad brush during a serious recession, we could very well be in for a far worse straits than we can imagine because of this guy and his associates.

So the relatively trivial issues raised by some Obama critics, such as doubts about his citizenship, and reservations about early Muslim influence in his life, pale in comparison to the more significant and germane lack of confidence in the his administration. This is not to say that the schadenfreude of Obama's most strident critics is not appropriate considering how prolific the left has been in the last eight years with their own flights of political fantasy.

But using obvious trivialities as examples to deceive the American public that all criticisms of Obama fall into the same realm is just a little inane. He has and will have far more to account for than the consequences of his upbringing and his long association with the most corrupt political machine in America.

Don't we just love it when liberal chickens come home to roost?

Bob Vasseur, Newberry Springs

Appreciation for summer reading program

Kudos to Tawni Walls, children's librarian at the Barstow Branch Library for a great summer reading program!
I was especially impressed with the Annie Bananie presentation this past Tuesday. The kids were completely enthralled with her. I especially like the way she involved the kids and kept control in a positive manner.

Way to go, Tawni.   

Antoinette Holmeyer, Barstow