We need honesty in health care debate

Here is my own understanding of the way health care works:

I don't know the exact figures but let us say that right now there are about 45 percent of taxpayers paying for health insurance; another 25 percent getting free health care and 30 percent unable to buy health insurance because they can not afford it.

Health care insurance premiums may cost $450 or more for a family per month and those who can not afford the premiums are contributing for those who get it free. All taxpayers pay for the ones who get it free. Of those who get it free, some of them are assisted when they are out of money and resources, and nearing death. For example: I know of a 52 year old woman who was at Barstow Community Hospital, spent a few days there, got different tests done and then was transferred to Colton, where she got the same tests done and then she died because they could not remove the cancer mass she had by the colon. For her to die in the hospital it cost the taxpayers several thousand dollars, her children devastated and the family broken.

Now, with the money the government is paying for those who get it free, plus 1 percent of the income taxes of those who can not afford regular insurance rates, the government could create a plan that would provide health care for everyone without insurance. It would not cost any extra money to the taxpayers who are now insured. Wouldn't that be great? A lot of people may spare their lives by getting early medical assistance instead of getting to the hospital when they are near death.

Those insured now do not have to change anything and would not have to pay more taxes, but I heard that lobbyists have already paid $39 million dollars to fight this new health care plan endorsed by President Obama. Are congressmen selling their vote to pocket a big chunk of money offered by insurance companies and others? Do they have the interest of the people at heart, or the interest of the powerful and their own personal economy?
It is easy to assume that insurance companies are afraid of the possibility of losing customers and business. Are taxpayers being brainwashed?

This matter should not be entrusted to the congressmen; they may sell their vote. This health care matter should be put to the vote of the taxpayers and taxpayers should be well educated about the plan. Honesty is the best policy.

Felisa Drummond, Barstow

A clunker of a program

Has anyone else seen the irony of Obama's "Cash for Clunkers" program failing? And he is now asking for $2 billion more to keep it afloat. This program was supposed to cost $1 billion and now is expected (conservatively) to top $3 billion. Basically this is saying that the Obama administration cannot even handle a basic car trade-in program.

Let's see now, the Obama administration cannot handle a $1 billion care trade in, but they are confident that they can handle 1,000 times that much with a $1 trillion healthcare program. Since the care trade-in program will cost a  minimum of three times as much as expected, isn't it safe to assume that Obama's $1 trillion healthcare death march will cost at least $3 trillion?

How much is one trillion? If you could count to one trillion, one second at a time, it would take you 31.5 thousand years to count that high. Please don't anybody tell Obama that there are even higher numbers than that.

Nick Benson Sr., Barstow