Carter to blame for Iran's issues with women's freedom

How did women lose their freedoms in Iran?

The answer: President Jimmy Carter

In a recent commentary, Barstow's liberal sage Carol Jensen wrote that as part of the turmoil in Iran, women there are fighting and dying to "regain" the freedoms they have lost under the brutal Islamic government that now tyrannizes Iran.

Those lost freedoms for women that she is referring to were under the late Shah of Iran. He enacted many new laws in Iran that gave women powers and freedoms they had never had before. These new freedoms ran against the rules of hard line Muslim clerics that wanted the Shah overthrown.

The Shah also enacted new laws that gave all the people of Iran a new found right of "choice" in their daily lives, and during his rule Iran the first Arab country to recognize Israel. This infuriated the hard line Muslim clerics even more. The Shah had been the United States close friend and ally, he had held Iraq in check and kept the area safe for commerce.

The Islamic clerics induced their followers to violence and planned a bloody coup of the Shah. In response the Shah placed restriction on the activities of these radical Islamic clerics. The clerics that broke these new laws were tried and exiled or imprisoned. In 1977 President Jimmy Carter demanded that the Shah relax the controls he had placed on these hard line Islamic clerics or face a cut-off of military equipment and assistant from the United States. When the Shah did relax controls on these clerics, they put their plan for a bloody coup into effect.
And what did President Carter do to help our friend and ally the Shah of Iran? He did nothing. By his inaction, he encouraged the overthrow of the Shah by these Islamic radicals.

He also did nothing when these radicals took over our embassies and held the staff of our embassies hostage.

Yes Muslim women in Iran live under an oppressive Islamic tyrant, backed by a corrupt Islamic government. Yes gays are put in prisons or executed and Iran is now on its way to acquiring nuclear weapons.
So chalk another one up for the "peanut farmer president," Jimmy Carter.

Steven Beavers, Barstow