On politics

It looks like I am not the only American in the area. Patricia Morris' letter hit it right on the head. And where in the second amendment does it say what state you can carry arms?

Steven Beavers also got it just right. Why should Pelosi have a private jet to spend our money when she says the people should only use one sheet of toilet paper?

And like Steve asks, what does she do anyway? And then there is the Sara Palin thing. The Democrats are so scared of her they will try any means to make her look bad. She is the only one that gets my vote for anything.

Then we have the Yermo fire bug. He got another one that is three this month. I recommend they change the name of Yermo to ashes.

Then we should close all prisons, turn all the dirt bags loose and quit wasting money on them. Let the people take care of it. Why waste money on them if the judges just turn them loose anyway? Perfect solution send them all to Afghanistan, turn them loose and forget them.

Joe Golden, Yermo

On pedestrian rights

Up at Big Bear in the last couple of days, they've just had another fatal case of a pedestrian being struck by a car. Right in Barstow lately a driver struck and injured some kids in the road at Barstow Road and Mountain View.

Since the driver was sober, no charge was made against him. That sort of thing can't happen in some countries which are still civilized.

I've been in Norway and Sweden three times in the past nine years. Over there, if someone is in the road, crosswalk or no crosswalk, any approaching vehicle must stop. When someone is crossing illegally where there is no crosswalk, any approaching car must stop. An irate driver can blow his horn, cuss out the offending pedestrian, or whatever but he must stop. It's the law.

As to guns, over there, no private citizen is allowed to own a handgun. The only handguns are held by the military and law enforcement people. Rifles and shotguns can be owned by bona fide hunters who must meet many restrictions. In regards to the police, you just don't see them around, not like Barstow where the police are very much in evidence always on the move. The cops in Norway must spend their shifts in the station playing cards; they have so little to do, oh, there is a murder once in a while. A victim is killed by a knife, an ax or by being strangled. There is no capital punishment, they hardly need it.

Robert Annal, Barstow