Shades of Richard Nixon

It appears that President Obama is borrowing a piece of history from the Nixon administration.

As told to us by Ms. Carol Jensen in a recent commentary, President Obama asked the Director of Homeland Security to investigate and compile a list of groups, organizations, and individuals that "they" consider a "threat to the United States" but actually only pose a threat to the socialist Obama administration, not the United States.

This list was "restricted" and only released to law enforcement agencies both federal and local and also most likely the FCC. The general public had no idea there was any list or what groups, organizations or individuals have been classified by the Obama administration as a threat to the Obama socialist plan for America.

As you may remember President Nixon had such a list of groups and individuals that he considered posed a threat to his administration during the Vietnam War.

I want to thank Ms. Jensen because we now know who President Obama considers a threat to his plan to change America into a socialist (one party) country.

Ms. Jensen, in her commentary, warned Fox News, conservative talk radio, the NRA, anti-abortion groups, conservative Christians, pro-Israel groups, returning veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan, that they are on President Obama's "list." This list only became public because someone in law enforcement was upset that returning veterans were listed as "threats to the United States." So he turned the list over to a newspaper and they published it. Let's pray that other people in our government that see any such documents turns them over to the newspaper and they get published.

We don't know if there is more detailed lists of possible congressman or maybe one or two conservative supreme court justices that President Obama considers a threat to his plan for a one-party socialist America.

Now today we see President Obama wanting an investigation of President Bush, his staff, and the CIA to see if war crimes charges should be brought against them. Senator Feinstein is herself pushing for such an investigation.

We know that the FBI and the ATF spied on those that were on President Nixon's lists. Will Homeland Security now be spying on Conservative Christians, pro-Israel groups, anti-abortion groups and returning veterans?

The hammer is falling my friends and it's going to fall on groups, organizations, and individuals that the Obama administration don't like or agree with. It might even be falling on you! After the hammer will come the sickle!

I want to remind all those in uniform and veterans that they took an oath to "protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies both foreign and domestic."

Steve Beavers, Barstow