On persecution

More information is constantly being revealed about the Nazi persecution of European Jewish people during the 1930s and 1940s. Nothing wrong with that, although a little of it might be a bit overdone.

The Jewish people in Germany then were really pretty much the same as the German Christians, the only main difference was in religion. But the discrimination of Jewish people all over much of Europe went back for centuries before Hitler. He just played on it to the max. He made German Christians to be the Master Race and Jewish people to be the Target Race.

Now consider the French Revolution that started in 1789. Wasn't it pretty much the same thing? The French aristocracy had become like a different race from the French common people. They had nothing in common with each other. At its height Robespierre was screaming that in order for France to live the king must die and so the king did on the guillotine along with the queen and a few thousand others, including Robespierre himself. Can this sort of "reign of terror" happen again, maybe right here in the U.S.? Of course it can.

Consider one race to be destined to become the "Master Race" and another race to be the "Target Race." There can be no public criticism of the master race, whatever is said publicly about this race must always be positive. The heroes and famous people of the "Master Race" are constantly publicized, whereas the former heroes of the "Target Race" are ignored for the most part and belittled, even in the public schools.

Could this be going on right here in the U.S. at the present time? Maybe, but you're not allowed to mention it. Those who ignore history are condemned to repeat it.

Robert Annal, Barstow