Among the actions taken at Monday's Barstow City Council meeting:

• New city engineer: The city introduced newly hired city engineer Charles "Nick" Nichols, who  previously worked as a project director at Hall and Foreman Inc.

• Stimulus funds for public transit: After holding a public hearing, the City Council unanimously approved a resolution authorizing the city manager to apply for the $428,126 in stimulus funding that Barstow Area Transit is eligible to receive. The funds would go towards normal operating costs for the 2008-09 fiscal year, while the funds that the city had budgeted for those costs will be carried over to pay for operating costs in the next fiscal year.

• Fourth of July: The Council unanimously approved a contract with PyroSpectaculars for the annual Fourth of July fireworks show. Last year's show — also provided by PyroSpectaculars — had technical difficulties that impacted the quality, but the city got a $10,000 deduction off of last year's bill and a $3,000 credit towards this year's, making the total amount of the contract $27,000 for this year.

• Anti-compost facility resolution: The Council unanimously passed a resolution opposing the construction of a composting facility proposed by Nursery Products, LLC, for construction near Hinkley. Residents have raised concerns that the open air facility could impact air and water quality and increase traffic.

• Crack sealer: The Council unanimously approved purchase of a crack sealing machine to be used for road maintenance, from Dispensing Technology Corporation for $71,451.

• Space planning for City Hall: The Council voted three to two to approve a $95,030 contract with Gillis and Panichipan Architects to create a plan for better using the available space at City Hall and to plan for future growth. Mayor Joe Gomez and Councilman Willie Hailey cast the dissenting votes. Hailey said he felt uncomfortable with the expenditure in light of the current economic situation. Gomez said he felt the planning could be done by employees in-house.

• New police cars: The Council continued discussion of purchasing six new police patrol vehicles through Soutar's Ford and directed staff to bring information on the specifications being offered by Soutar's versus those that would be provided if the city bought the cars through the state.

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