Sandy Wagner (above, holding a flag and sign) protested taxes with about 40 people as cars drove past Dana Park and honked Wednesday. The gathering was part of a national Tax Day Tea Party organized by a grassroots web campaign on tax return day. Barstow was one of about 700 cities nationwide that hosted protests.

"They broke their promises, they betrayed us." Sandy Wagner, housewife, referring to campaign promises made by politicians like Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Assemblyman Anthony Adams.

"There's no way we can pay this bill." Don Hanify, retired.

"I wasn't even able to vote...I'll be having to pay for other people's mistakes." James Eichman, eighth-grader at Barstow Christian School, who held a sign that said "New CA state seal" and had a pirate skull and cross bones logo.

"Things that happen in politics affects our everyday lives and we should pay attention to it." Dana Sowards, assembler at Diamond Pacific, who attended the protest with three of her children and her husband.

"We paid over $200 to get our taxes done." Julie Berry, retired.