More good news from schools wanted

I have never before felt the need to write a letter to the editor until now, but here I am, at age 54, writing one. I am a proud employee of Barstow Unified School District, and I am really tired of the negative way in which the Desert Dispatch continues to portray our district.

I realize that bad, not good, news sells papers, but honestly, enough is enough! The other day there was an editorial from the editor entitled "It's all about the money with BUSD." In the editorial, Mr. Shackford insinuated that district leadership only cares about the money, and that's not true! Recently, there was an article about the Barstow High School principal not returning to Barstow High School, and the article, once again, portrayed BUSD in a bad way. It's my opinion that reporters choose to print only part of the wording and thoughts that are shared in an interview, which causes information to be "taken out of context," and by doing this, the articles are not totally accurate and tend to show our district in a negative manner.

There are lots of good things that take place in our district, and there are times when the Desert Dispatch does report on these things like the reading award at Skyline Elementary School and the Science Day Event that took place at Cameron Elementary School. Yet, it seemed like everyone's attention was on the release of the Barstow High School principal. My question to the editor is, "Why doesn't the Desert Dispatch share more of the wonderful things that happen?" This world is so full of negativity; why can't we share more of the good things?

Lucille Kounovsky, Barstow

Speak out against the changes at BUSD

The intended changes in Barstow Unified School District are both deep and questionable. First, BIS is closed, and now there is the intention to remove and shuffle site administrators. We question the wisdom of, and the motivation behind, these changes.

Principal Ed Cheek was informed that he would not be returning at the helm at BHS next year. The reasons given are lack of curricular leadership and lowered test scores.

First, the leadership is there. So are his community involvement and his commitment to our students.

Secondly, to be held accountable for a situation caused prior to his coming to BHS, is ludicrous.

We respectfully request that the citizens of Barstow challenge this decision by BUSD Administration. Please contact the school board members and call the district office at 255-6000 to voice your opinion.

For the sake of our kids, please join your voices with ours. Enough is enough!

Lyn Schrader and 29 staff members of Barstow High School