U.S. should focus on its own problems

So the German government isn't going to send a single soldier to take his chances backing the U.S. phony war in Afghanistan. If we remember, the invasion of that country started as an attempt to capture Osama bin Laden, way back years ago. Osama bin Laden may now be anywhere in the Muslim world and even if they found and killed him, it would hardly make a particle of difference.

The U.S. always puts too much stress on individuals and not enough on the multitudes of millions upon millions of Muslims. Today the propaganda calls for making Afghanistan safe for Muslim women to vote, to wear bikinis, maybe, and to have themselves a real good time American style. When will the United States start to mind its own business, attend to its own affairs and stop trying to run the world?

Aren't there enough problems right here in the U.S. with the drug problem out of control, the proliferation of guns out of control, smash-and-grab robberies, bank robberies and the southern borders an almost open door for aliens from anywhere?

Americans like to think that the Germans are great friends of the U.S., just about like the British. It's true they seem to act that way because it suits their purpose. But have they really forgotten how Rudolph Hess flew his little Messerscmidt over Scotland in April 1941 with an "honorable" peace proposal for the British government to consider? Winston Churchill knew that Franklin Roosevelt was his ace in the hole and so he filed the German peace proposal in the waste basket. Sure enough only a few weeks later FDR put the U.S. Navy to work escorting the convoys back and forth to the UK. All this was kept secret from the still pacifist U.S. public. In those months the U.S. public wanted Britain to win, but also wanted the U.S. to stay out of the European war. And this of course was the cause of the Pearl Harbor attack when Hitler called on Japan to make war on the U.S.

Robert Annal, Barstow