Railroads and sludge

Recently I attended the meeting the Air Quality Board and BNSF held to discuss the processes that the railroad is going through to cut diesel emissions in our area. The main interesting point I took from the meeting is that some of the issues with diesel exhaust are the same that we are trying to stop in the Hinkley sludge dump situation. Particulate matter (2.5 and 10), heavy metals, and greenhouse gasses are all issues that are similar in both situations. The main differences are the problems will be hundreds of times worse at the sludge dump.

The air board is requiring that the railroad takes some extraordinary measures to mitigate the problem. What is our county doing to mitigating the potential disaster that Hinkley dump will bring? They are acting as the propaganda arm of Nursery Products and ignoring court orders to force the dump on us.

I recently received a Notice of Preparation from the county notifying us that a Supplemental Environmental Impact Report (SEIR) is ready for comment. On the bottom of page 3 and top of page 4 of the notice the county sees fit to paint a rosy picture of the use of sewage, I am surprised they didn't claim it could be eaten for breakfast. This section didn't really have anything to do with the legal notice of the new SEIR and I want to know why a dissenting view detailing the negative impacts of sludge (heavy metals, water table damage, diseases and many other issues) was not put across in this notice?

This SEIR came about because HelpHinkley won a case against the approval of the original EIR, in that decision the judge set aside all the approvals on the project all the way back to the original Conditional Use Permit. According to the decision every approval on the project was set aside and had to be re-evaluated, instead the county put forth this SEIR and is ignoring the judge's decision. Furthermore the case is still under appeal so we have to ask why the County is wasting time, effort and money on SEIR that may not even be found illegal. The comment period for the SEIR will end on April 13, 2009, Send your comments to Carrie Hyke, Principal Planner San Bernardino County Land Use Services Department Advance Planning Division, 385 N. Arrowhead Ave. First Floor. San Bernardino, Calif. 92415-0182

We are making a difference in this battle, if Nursery Products and their conies in the County seat had their way this dump would have been put in 2005.

Steve Smith, Barstow

On GM and guns

An editorial makes the point that the Constitution doesn't give the President the power to tale control of General Motors.

That isn't near as bad as the way they treat the second amendment it was made so the citizens could protect themselves from big government. Where does it say what kind, when or how many?

Also I wonder why they don't just give California to Feinstein. She has already ruined half of it why not the rest? They cry about global warming, but won't use wind farms or solar power.

Also I would like to know when there has ever been a successful government in Africa.

Joe Golden, Yermo