BARSTOW • Cameron Elementary School hosted several exhibitors for science day Wednesday — including a few furry four-legged guests.
Third grader Aaron Ursry was among hundreds of students who petted horses, walked through a simulated burning room and  viewed a caged 10-month-old tiger cub as part of Cameron Elementary School's annual science day.

Students reached out and petted Blue, Cameron first-grade teacher Gail Seebold's horse, as Seebold explained how she takes care of the horses' hooves.

"In the wild, they go 15 miles a day to go grazing," said Seebold, explaining why domesticated horses need to have hooves trimmed.

"It's so thick — how do you trim it?" asked Ursry, a little in awe.

The day was put on for students who were district science fair winners, according to coordinator Joanna Hinrichs, a second-grade teacher at Cameron.

Fourth-grader Teresa Jijara and a group of students crowded around a fenced area, peering at a tiger cub that was lounging in its cage.

Animal handlers from Phelan-based animal rescue organization Forever Wild Exotic Animal Sanctuary answered students' questions about the cub, as well as about the baby alligator and rattlesnakes that were on display.

"They look cool," said Jijara.

"The tiger is timid but she would hold on to your arm" if she bit you, fourth-grader Jeanae Jordan said she learned from the presentation.

This year, Cameron hosted 46 exhibits ranging from rescue dogs that helped out at the World Trade Centers on Sept. 11, 2001, to comedy acts about science.

"It grows every year," said Hinrichs.

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