Among the actions taken at Monday's Barstow City Council meeting:

Asphalt patch truck The Council unanimously voted to authorize purchase of an asphalt patch truck that will allow city staff to fill potholes more efficiently and using permanent asphalt rather than temporary materials to patch them. Public Works Manager Todd Edwards told the Council that Barstow is currently the only agency in the High Desert that does not own an asphalt patch truck or similar vehicle. The total cost will be about $171,000.

Wading pool The Council unanimously voted to award a $116,652 contract to Advanced Pools and Spas for reconstruction of the wading pool at Fogelsong Park. Parks and Recreation Manager Jeanette Hayhurst said she hopes to have the wading pool open by the Memorial Day opening of Henderson Pool.

Security camera for skate park The Council unanimously approved a total expenditure of $50,000 to install a security camera system at the skate park at Dana Park and to install a wireless network and upgrade the phone system at the Cora Harper Community Center so staff there can monitor the cameras. The city's 2008-09 budget included $50,000 to install security fencing at the skate park, but staff later decided the fencing would be ineffective, since skaters would jump over it.

The cameras will be on a closed circuit system and will be monitored by staff at the Cora Harper Community Center across the street.
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