On the Talleys' travails and Mitzelfelt's record
I would like to comment on two issues in the newspaper if I may. The first one is about Robert and Anne Talley, ("Paralyzed man frustrated by health system hold-up," Jan. 24). I was first angered when I read that Robert has medical needs that are not being met.

In America, we have programs for disabled Americans. Paperwork is a sorry reason for a hold up on a need so urgent. Sue Scott said she don't know if the lift is a life or death issue. I think that statement is from a legal point of view because from a common sense angle, you cannot clear your lungs good lying on your back. I hope that Sue can push this work order through fast. The lift will help both of them.

And if they don't get the lift soon, Anne could have more problems and possibly need more assistance. It is frustrating to see people with dire needs being neglected, while others who don't have real needs abusing the programs.

One thing about Anne, if you read this, I want you to know that I admire you. My savior once said there is no greater love than the love where one lays down his life for another. And you, have done that by standing by your wedding vows. I don't know for the life of me why you didn't sue for lifetime medical care, but I admire and respect you!

The other issue is the letter to the editor from Paul Courtney ("Brad Mitzelfelt is working on Barstow's behalf," Jan. 24). Hello? Public safety fully funded? Barstow needs police officers don't they? We have sheriff's department and CHP offices that have needs. How can you say that?

Now I know you are a decent person; you do charity work like modeling clothes. You have a thriving business. You also care about people, which is why I am so shocked at you acting like a spokesman for Brad. He's got people for that.

When all is said and done Brad doesn't care about Barstow. If he did he would not put the people who live there at risk by allowing a composting facility to start business when there is no actual proof that it is safe. Safety should always be considered when looking at a "big picture."

You are free to commend him all you want but he is still going to poop in your backyard! It would be nice if the businesses that the people of Barstow support would support them and use their influence to protect the communities.

La Donna Akin Barstow