Mayor Dale responds well to criticism
Mayor Dale deserves kudos on his recent Jan. 23 defense against the sleazy innuendo by Joe Gomez in the Dispatch on Dec. 20 of last year, amazingly in the middle of a season of good will toward others.

But the Mayor was able to put a little well deserved coal in Joe's stocking.

It must have taken a great deal of restraint to respond to Gomez in the way that he did, and at the time that he did; with a great deal of dignity, and without even a hint of animosity, showing that the City of Barstow choice for Mayor in the last few elections was definitely the right one, and the choice of Gomez in 2004 was a horrible mistake.

The mayor's restrained comment shows that the obvious resentment expressed by Gomez is really the result of a very appropriate diminution of majority impact and consequent personal influence in the decisions of the current council; a personal influence that had been the prime ingredient in the lack of economic progress in Barstow until the people of Barstow were finally able to choose a forward looking, fiscally responsible council that recently has been and will be the harbinger and instrument of real economic progress in the Barstow area.

We are chronically subjected to the ravings of opponents at every single council meeting, and in other media venues as well; their sole reasons for their specious innuendo being November election hopes. And in that hope, setting up even more substantial roadblocks to progress in our area becomes secondary as long as it results in the enhancement of their own personal power and electability.

With a little luck, in November, Barstow will choose their mayor and City Council members based on the same kind of intelligent choice made in the recent past, and will reject those that, like Joe Gomez, rate their political clout far higher than the valued interests of the people of Barstow.

Robert A. Vasseur Newberry Springs

Appreciation for MLK participation
The Arts and Industrial Women and Men's Club wish to thank the residents of Barstow for their participation in the Martin Luther King March on Saturday, Jan. 19, 2008 and the Martin Luther King Breakfast on Monday, Jan. 21, 2008.

Shirley A. Brodie