BARSTOW - As the opening whistle blew and his defense immediately on the back hills, Barstow coach Mike Chavez looked as though he and his team were in for a long day.

Shaky defense from the back three in the opening moments almost cost Barstow to give up an early goal, but luck would stay on their side for the moment. Great speed and cleaver passing helped Serrano (8-8-5) pull out a 6-2 victory over Barstow (4-5-2).

With the ball mossing around the middle of the field early on, Serrano eventually drew first blood. Two early goals from the Diamondback's Corey Diederich and Able Farias set the tempo for the rest of the match at Langworthy Field Tuesday afternoon.

"Our defense played well, but it was our wing attack and great play from our fowards that helped us get the win," said centerback Josh Guillen of Serrano.

Barstow was able to get a goal back before the halftime whistle blew, a through ball led Richard Gonzales to score the first goal for Barstow.

The beginning of the second half saw Barstow coming out with all the momentum, keeping the ball in Serrano's half. The Aztecs captain Philip Peralta drew the sides level, cutting through two defenders on his way to blasting the ball past the keeper. Several minutes later, with Serrano in possession, the referee awarded the Diamondbacks a penalty shot, despite the protests from Barstow fans, coaches and players. Diederich stepped up and put the ball in the back of the net with ease, giving him, his second goal of the match.

As the temperature dropped so did Barstow's hopes. In the 52nd minute when goal scorer Richard Gonazalez was given a yellow card, and it seemed like all the momentum was completely in favor of Serrano.

"We had lack of communication today. I feel we could of played much better," Chavez said.

Nathan Pasley went on to score twice in the 54th and 71st minute.

"Our defense gave up, after the penalty we seemed to lose the heart it took to come back and win, we must go back to the drawing board and refocus on our league game coming up against Granite Hills," Peralta said.

Brian Pestana of Serrano would go on to add another goal late in the match.

"Our team played pretty good, today, although we were missing players due to illness, our team was able to step-up and accept the challenge," said Serrano coach Harvey Gamble.

Despite the loss, Barstow hopes to re-coop Thursday at Granite Hills.