Last Wednesday, I wrote an editorial suggesting that a recent CHP two-day crackdown on highway speeders was more an effort to generate revenue for the state in the midst of a financial crisis than to actually discourage speeding.

The editorial had one very fundamental flaw: The money from tickets given by CHP officers goes to the county or the city where the driver was cited, not the state. So my suggestion that the CHP was trying to prove its value to the state was uninformed.

The county, of course, is facing a financial crisis of its own as part of the domino effect of the state's financial crisis, so even so, government agencies will benefit from the CHP's efforts. I also stand behind my argument that an announced speeding crackdown for two days in the middle of the week will do little to curb unsafe driving behavior on our highways.

But I apologize for my factual error that served as the foundation for the argument.