Name: Eric Penaloza
Grade: 10
Position: Goalkeeper
Performance: Barstow's goalkeeper neutralized Silverado offensive attack on Jan. 10. Although the Hawks won 2-1, Penaloza stopped 17 shots.
Favorite sports team: America
Favorite athlete: Cuauhtemoc Blanco
Favorite food: Mexican
Favorite movie: `Rush Hour 3'
Favorite Actor/Actress: Chris Tucker
Favorite TV show: `George Lopez'
Favorite school subject: P.E.
FAVORITE Band/Musician: Alacranes Musical
Favorite Song: `Por tu amor' by Alacranes Musical
What's your ringtone?: None
Greatest accomplishment: Having the grades to play.
Future Goal: Become a pro
Non-sports hobby: Video games
Biggest influence: Family
Superstition: None