Mayor shouldn't be depressed over casino rejection
I've noticed Barstow Mayor Lawrence Dale has taken quite a beating through the media and sharp criticism this past year. I truly can say I know of his hard endeavors and his dreams, wishes and goals to see Barstow prosper. He is truly a mayor who has Barstow's best interests at heart. I thank him so much for allowing me to share my dreams for Barstow.

The mayor shouldn't be saddened due to the recent rejection of the proposed casino. There are brighter days ahead and bigger dreams. He should hang in there and together as a team we can venture out on our next project together.

Suzanne Duarte Barstow

Mitzelfelt irresponsible with our money
The Desert Dispatch tries to run a free campaign piece for Brad Mitzelfelt ("County plans public safety, transportation improvements for 2008," Friday, Jan. 8), but in the process, shows why San Bernardino County can't afford Brad Mitzelfelt as supervisor for four more years.

While the state facing a $14.5 billion deficit (that will result in upwards of 22,000 inmates being prematurely released and child day care center oversight programs being cut), the current supervisor wants to spent money to renovate an existing county sheriff building ($2 million) that is working (versus renting out office and storage space in the nearby area), increase the number of beds at a recently purchased private prison (cost not given) rather than have the District Attorney look at more work release alternatives for non-violent offenders, expanding a runway in Daggett ($3.65 million) rather than land the air traffic at Southern California Logistics Airport and shuttle people to Barstow, a mere 35 minutes away), building a 60,000 square foot government center in the High Desert ($20 million) rather than lease local empty warehouses and office space and building a "High Desert Corridor" that will run from Apple Valley to Palmdale (rather than use existing rail corridors and short trip over-the-road contractors).

It is irresponsible to spend money we won't have and even if we did have, to not look at alternatives. It is sad to see the pie-in-the-sky pitch for spending in the face of a fiscally shrinking well.

Bob Conaway Barstow