Restore military bonuses
It's too bad the president has seen fit to veto bonuses, including enlistment and reenlistment bonuses for our military. What makes it even more reprehensible is that he did it at the last minute so that Congress could not act until it reconvenes after January 15.

Actions speak louder than words, and I feel that the president has shown his true feelings by this action. It shows contempt and little regard for those who serve our county.

I truly hope that Congress has the courage to stand up and override the president's action. After all, if they can vote themselves a hefty raise, they can certainly stand up for our brave men and women who risk life and limb to serve and protect our country all over the world.

Antoinette Holmeyer Barstow

Vote against gaming propositions
Four major Indian tribes are asking the people the people of California to further subsidize their greed. They now want the ability to make themselves not only the wealthiest tribes but the anointed monopolists of Indian gaming in the state due the inevitable expansion of their influence in the California legislature and beyond that comes with the enormous increase in assets accompanying voter support for Props 94 through 97.

The tribes doing this having defeated the approval of a Barstow casino, not because there was any real perceived discrimination against any single tribe, as their local Barstow shills would have us fatuously believe, but because they and their Las Vegas allies just don't want the additional competition from the City of Barstow along Interstate 15.

A clear majority of the people of Barstow and its environs have made it very clear that they want a casino here. The very tribes that seek your support on Feb. 5, or long before if you are a typical absentee voter, as well as California legislators and the U.S. Secretary of the Interior, have shown a great deal of contempt for your wishes through unethical lobbying practices and decisions against the City of Barstow. The ironic thing about this mess is that the tribes, with the additional income from the approval of these propositions, will be able to even more effectively oppose a casino in our area.

And if you think that the people of California are about to reap large rewards by approving these props, take a little time to read them. If California profits from these props, it will be a complete accident. Under their provisions, the tribes are essentially only trusted to do the right thing, not required to do so.

BarWest and the Los Coyotes have vowed to continue the battle against Las Vegas, the moneyed tribes, and their politicians to make a casino in Barstow a reality that will bring much needed jobs and income to our area. Those here that have fought for the rights of the less fortunate tribes, and are disappointed in the political decisions that have shown contempt for our needs, should feel obligated to vote NO, NO, NO, and NO, on Props 94, 95, 96, and 97 to send a message that we here in our area are fed up with the favorable treatment being given the moneyed tribes to the detriment of the less fortunate, which just happen to include a substantial portion of Barstow area voters as well as members of the poorer tribes.

Robert A. Vasseur Newberry Springs