The 21-year-old son of a Yermo man running for a seat in the California Assembly is out of a coma and recovering from his injuries from a December car crash.

Doctors had feared that Aaron Harris, 22, Assembly candidate Bob Smith's step-son, would not survive a Dec. 21 crash on the State Highway 247 in Orange County. Harris was hospitalized and put into a medically induced coma but came out of it nine days later, Smith said.

"He's doing exceptionally well," Smith said. "He'll be fine with a little a bit of therapy, but he's in good shape."

Smith said that doctors expect Harris to almost fully recover.

"The family is doing exceptionally well now. It is a hell I wouldn't want any family to go through," Smith said. "You're looking at a situation you aren't prepared for mentally."

He said that his family received overwhelming support from the community through the ordeal. Smith said he will continue with his campaign for the 34th district Assembly seat.

"My wife has literally kicked me in the butt and said get out there on the campaign trail." he said.

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