BARSTOW - The Barstow Community College men's basketball team has seen triple digits in the past.

However, it's usually on a thermometer during the summer not the scoreboard.

The Vikings dropped their first conference home game of the season 110-68 to Mt. San Jacinto on Wednesday. Barstow kept the game close for the first six minutes, but the Eagles went up 28-14 by the 14-minute mark and led 50-28 at halftime. Mt. San Jacinto is currently ranked No. 1 in Southern California and No. 2 in the state.

"Anytime you can go on the road during conference play and win it's good," said Mt. San Jacinto coach Patrick Springer. "It's our first conference road win. It feels nice. It's a good start."

Barstow faced several obstacles before the jump ball was even thrown. The Vikings' head coach Robert Uphoff was ejected from their game against Chaffey on Jan. 5 and was forced to sit out on Wednesday. California Community College Commission on Athletics rules suspend an ejected coach for one game. Uphoff will return for Barstow's next game against Victor Valley on Jan. 12. BCC women's basketball assistant coach Tim Woods headed the team in Uphoff's absence.

The Vikings were also playing without Raymond Mitchell, Domineek Daniel, Dreu Johnson, Isaac Burley and Maurice McDonald who were absent due to either injuries or disciplinary actions.

"I thought they did good today," Woods said. "They played with all they had. What more can I ask for with only seven people on the bench."

Barstow and Mt. San Jacinto played physical games with 22 and 23 fouls respectively. Although the teams had similar foul totals, it was the Eagles who were able to capitalize on the opportunities. Mt. San Jacinto was 27 for 34 from the line while Barstow shot 14 for 25.

"Fouls killed us in the first half," Woods said. "We gave up 23 points from the line and we were down 50-28 at halftime."

BARSTOW - Kim Ensing just wanted another 10 seconds from her team on Wednesday.

Ensing, the Barstow Community College women's basketball coach, watched as her team fell 57-45 to Mt. San Jacinto Wednesday evening. The Vikings held the Eagles on defense, consistently forcing them into the final seconds of the shot clock. However, Mt. San Jacinto seemed to always find an open player outside or drive and score at the last second. Jennifer Marquez hit a 3-pointer with eight seconds on the shot clock to put the Eagles up 13-10 early in the first half.

"They (Mt. San Jacinto) are really streaky shooters," Ensing said. "At this level anyone can step up and hit an open shot. They did a good job of being patient on offense and waiting for the right shot and sometimes that came down to the last second."

Barstow and Mt. San Jacinto were close at the start of the first half. The score was 13-13 midway through the half, but the Vikings went down 32-20 by halftime primarily due to strong outside shooting from the Eagles. Mt. San Jacinto hit six 3-pointers in the first half. Marquez led the Eagles with 11 points and three 3-pointers in the game.

"She (Marquez) is a returning all-conference player so we expect a lot out of her," Mt. San Jacinto coach Chris Mozga said. "She played well today. She's been in a slump so it was nice
to see her hit some 3-pointers."

The Eagles continued their run into the second half taking a 20-point lead. A this point the Vikings began to battle back. Two layups from Jallisa Butler and two 3-pointers by Fabby Gandarilla brought Barstow within 10 points with five minutes to play. Unfortunately for Barstow, Mt. San Jacinto kept the held the game at a stalemate after that point.

The Vikings' Tasheila Byrd, Destane Smith and Gandarilla played Wednesday's game despite being injured.

"I feel good because we fought back, and if we were down by 20 in the past, we may have given up," Ensing said. "We fought the entire game. We had three kids playing in amazing pain. I never use injuries as an excuse for a loss, but it does show the girls have a lot of heart."