Name: Philip Peraltta

Grade: 10

Position: Forward

Performance: Peralta scored two goals on six attempts during Barstow's 3-0 win against Granite Hills on Jan. 3.

Favorite sports team: Los Angeles Lakers

Favorite athlete: Ronaldinho

Favorite food: Grilled Cheese Sandwhich

Favorite movie: `8 Mile'

Favorite actor/actress: Denzel Washington

Favorite TV show: `Rob and Big'

Favorite school subject: Journalism

Favorite band/musician: Eminem

Favorite song: "Lose Yourself"

What ringtone do you have on your cellphone? Vibrate

Greatest accomplishment: Going to play soccer in Hawaii during summer

Future Goal(s): To become a pro soccer player or sports writer/analysis

Non-sports hobby: Playing FIFA 08 the video game

Biggest influence: My mom

Superstition: "I always wear an undershirt under my jersey and before a game I always listen to `Lose Yourself' "