BARSTOW - Only a week into the month, Barstow has already received nearly its normal amount of rain for January.

The weekend storm that raged across California dumped .62 inches of rain at the Barstow-Daggett Airport, according to Brian Fuis, a spokesman for the National Oceanographic Atmospheric Administration. Normal rainfall for the entire month of January is .67 inches. Fuis said we are definitely above average for the month, he said.

"It was a major winter storm, major," Fuis said. "Slammed the west coast, flooded a lot of California."

Some areas, such as Bishop, which received four inches of rain in one day, broke records over the weekend. Fuis said four inches is more than Barstow's annual total.

The damage to Barstow was minimal compared to other areas in California. Megan Blaney, a spokeswoman for San Bernardino County Fire Department Office of Emergency Service said public works crews were removing some debris in the county areas around Barstow, and some roads in the area were closed. Water still flooded many roads in Newberry Springs on Monday. Stephen Miller, the assistant fire chief in Newberry Springs, said there were no reports of weather-related emergencies in the area.

Perhaps to the alarm of some, residents near the Newberry Mountains awoke to a light dusting of snow Monday morning. Miller, who said snow falls a few times during the winter, said it was melted by 9 a.m.