T he Callboard Performing Arts Club of Barstow Community College changed their venue this year to the courtyard of Bldg. B at the College because the play, Almost Maine, is being performed in the interim Performing Arts Center.

The weather cooperated and approximately 100 people, children 12 and under and their parents, enjoyed the various activities taking place. Amy Ross, club advisor, was garbed as a pirate and welcomed people at the door. She had the little ones spin the wheel for a prize to put in the sack that each child was given when they arrived for this event. The only other opportunity to spend money was for food, which included turkey wraps, drinks, chips and homemade cookies and brownies. Everything else was free.

Some of the Callboard Club members are still in high school or lower grades, but are members of the club because they participate in plays or college choir. All members actively work to put service hours in ASB activities in addition to their own. Many were costumed to lead the children's games. Allen Frasier was a Roman senator; Aylin Moreno, a dead bride; Ryan Bostic, Huckleberry Finn; Jordan Moh'D, an old-world butler; Jonathan Szetela, the King of Siam, Traci Ellgass, a pumpkin and Lewis Abieta, a pirate of the Seven Seas.

The activities included musical chairs, face painting, candy jar guess, skeleton hangman, Halloween bingo, pumpkin-coloring contest, cup toss, bean bag toss, sack race, donut eating contest (bagels that wouldn't crumble were hung on strings and the children could not use their hands to try to eat them) and of course, the costume contest. Prize play money was given for first, second and third on competitive events and could be redeemed for prizes at the prize table manned by Brittany Case and Ashley Garcia. As the games were repeated many times, the children had an opportunity to try most of them and build up their money stash.

The children's costumes were a wonderful assortment of fairies, brides, all kinds of devils and pirates and included Spiderman, skeletons and a San Francisco hippie. Jacob Smith as a chef with apron and hat, son of Jennifer Smith, won musical chairs one time sliding into the remaining seat ahead of Power Ranger Matthew Holihan, son of Stacie Holihan. Of course the parents were there cheering their youngsters on.

Other faculty and administration personnel that I spied watching the goings on were science teacher Bret Sage observing as a parent and Dr. Mark Meadows. As I was only there for a short while, others may have dropped by.

As always, this is a safe environment for the children to dress up and observe Halloween and have a great time!

College play a big hit "Almost, Maine," billed as a magical, romantic comedy is quite different. It is a series of vignettes performed by two to three people set in a town in Main. The northern lights are an integral part of the various plots by playwright/actor John Cariani.

The play opened last Friday evening with a cast and crew composed of many members of the Callboard Club that had been so busy Saturday with the Halloween Fair. Opening night was a packed house. The local florists obviously did a brisk business, evidenced by the armloads of congratulatory flowers brought by members of the audience.

Cast members included Ryan Bostic, Ashley Garcia, Adrian Driscoll, Jennifer Worland, Antonio Benavidez, Melissa Fierro, Vanessa Galvin, Jordan Moh'D, Brittany Case, Jonathan Szetela, Lowam Eyasu, Allen Frasier, Rebecca Minter, Daniel Ramirez and Rose Tate. Many are familiar faces having performed in previous productions.

Ron Trotter always designs the set and lighting. Vincent Lovato was the light board operator and did a excellent job facilitating the crew to change sets quickly between vignettes. Evelyn Garcia is stage manager, with faculty member Kathi Brant and Roger Sanborn being property masters. Lewis Abieta is part of the running crew.

There is still an opportunity for you to see the play as the final two performances will be this Friday and Saturday evenings at 7:30. Be sure to go early to get a good seat. You'll be glad you did.

ABOUT THE WRITER: Bette "Bee Jay" Moses is a special events correspondent to the Desert Dispatch. She can be reached at (760) 987-6915 or dolphinlady9@verizon.net.