Hinkley compost fight not about money
This statement is to clear up all the misconceptions about the proposed sludge dump in Hinkley.

1. Some people are under the impression that everyone in Hinkley is rich and living off PG&E money. This is simply not true. The people who did receive money are also living with major health issues and no amount of money can stop the pain and suffering they go through. The rest of us moved here after the PG&E scandal.

2. The lawsuit against the county is not for money. It is to stop the sludge dump from opening and causing more health problems that will lead to a lawsuit for money, because we won't sit back and let history repeat itself.

3. There is no economic advantage for the town of Hinkley or Barstow from this business opening. Only eight jobs are going to be available and Nursery Products has these jobs already filled.

4. The air quality of the entire High Desert will be affected, and when your children and grandchildren want to know why they can't play outside, you will have to tell them you didn't care enough to stop the sludge dump in Hinkley.

Theresa Williamson Hinkley

Take back hospital, water treatment plant The City of Barstow wishes to inspect all rental properties for a fee. This fee is nothing less than a tax and was not approved by the taxpaying public. Do we still live in America? According to the City of Barstow, we do not.

When the Barstow Community Hospital was operated by City employees, my chest x-ray was $50. Now that a "for profit" contractor operates BCH my chest x-ray is $450. Recently my wife found herself in the emergency at BCH. No drinking water, the in room television is still on the blink, and my wife had one IV. We were billed by this "for profit" company $10,000 for their time. It's time to take BCH back.

The city's waste water treatment plant, for years, ran smoothly with city employees at the helm. Now we see a "for profit" contractor causing sewage spills and endangering our children. It is time to take back the waste water treatment plant and quit embarrassing and endangering us tax payers.

Frank Wyman

Appreciation for firefighter work I am so proud of MCLB Firefighters, Barstow Fire protection and Fort Irwin firefighters going to Lake Arrowhead and Running Springs, where I watched the cabins that I formerly owned go up in flames on TV, as well as my best friend's cabin, which was across the street. We also owned a cabin in Green Valley Lake on the north side of the lake that all went.

My son is a contractor and had just rebuilt a home in Lake Arrowhead that was totaled also.

A good friend's son in Rancho Santa Fe had to evacuate and couldn't find a hotel to stay in last night until they got to Newport Beach. They don't know what they will be going back to.
The Modjeska Canyon fire hopefully won't take that historic site of Mme. Modjeska's home.

At one time I had a condo next to the east side of Camp Pendleton with a county golf course next to it. I don't know what the Camp Pendleton fires have done to that area.

I feel comforted that FEMA, President Bush, Governor Schwarzenegger, Brad Mitzelfelt and others are all on hand to help those in need.

Bette Moses Barstow