Reminders about the dangers of the composting facility
This "facility" will bring in eight jobs, yes eight as in less than 10. Most of the jobs are filled by the employees from the closed Adelanto Facility. This "facility" will also bring in 400,000 tons of others people's waste. This will be 87 trucks a day, or about one every eight minutes, 365 days a year.

These trucks of sludge will dump their "peanut butter"-like material on the ground. This sludge must be mixed within four hours with dry wood waste into long piles. These piles will be 30 feet wide, 12 feet high and 1000 feet long. They need to dry out the muck, and will turn and mix the piles to kill the pathogens. While drying out, the piles will release 357 tons of dangerous gases every year.

Large amounts of dust will be produced while mixing and turning. That dust and gas will be carried downwind to Hinkley and Barstow. The approved site has the 4th highest wind in California. (11 mph/day average) The wind is consistently blowing towards Hinkley and Barstow.

Sludge is a dangerous mix of more than just human and household waste. Medical waste, industrial waste, roadway runoff and all sewer waste is included. Antibacterial, flame retardants, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, pesticides and more.

Lots of the chemicals and metals do not decompose, just get concentrated and blow. All these potential problems can be reduced with cost-effective enclosure. Most areas require enclosure to protect their citizens and air quality.

These sludge companies make very large profits, potentially $30 million-plus in Hinkley. Air quality, water quality and human health can be affected.

This is the same company, process and employees as in Adelanto, with history of many problems. The Adelanto site was much smaller and less windy than site proposed for Hinkley. The City of Adelanto spent four years and thousands of dollars to run them out.

This is all my opinion, but I do not think we are being treated equally or reasonably. We should not have to be the open sewer for Southern California.

D. Norman Diaz Hinkley