Name: Richard Gonzalez

Grade: 12

Position: WB/CB

Performance: Gonzales earned 19 points in the Aztecs first league game of the season vs. Granite Hills on Friday. He had two interceptions returned for touchdowns, rushed for a touchdown and kicked an extra point.

Favorite sports team: Colts

Favorite athlete: Kobe Bryant

Favorite food: Beans and rice. Plata.

Favorite movie: Remember the Titans

Favorite actor/actress: Will Smith/Jessica Alba

Favorite TV show: ESPN Sports Center

Favorite school subject: Weight training P.E.

Favorite band/musician: Lil' Wayne

Favorite song: Do my thing

Kanye West or 50 Cent: Kanye West

Greatest accomplishment: 3 touchdowns in a game, two on defense

Future Goal(s): Be rich

Non-sports hobby: Being with my girlfriend

Biggest influence: My parents and coaches

Superstition: Go to sleep thinking of my girlfriend