This was a very special event that happened at Quigley's in Lenwood on Saturday, September 29. However I think it is still important to tell you about it It was for a good cause and a lot of fun.

When going to a High Tea I thought it was necessary to wear a hat, so I wore my red hat pillbox. Unfortunately I was the only one wearing a hat, which I promptly took off. My Red Hat sister Evelyn Berry was the one who invited me. Unfortunately she didn't clue me what to expect. Since I hadn't been around the Eastern Star since my grandmother was alive, I asked a lot of dumb questions, such as who the men were serving us. They obviously weren't the usual waiters. It turned out they were Worthy Patrons or Past Patrons. What I didn't know was that men can join an Eastern Star Chapter, this one being Barstow Chapter 242. Some even come from Victorville to be in this chapter.

Kathi Brant did the outstanding table decorations consisting of pretty hankies, a string of pearls and a pretty tea pot, sugar and creamer. As to our own tea cup, we were to pick one we liked from an assortment at a corner booth and it was ours to keep. They even furnished tissue and a bag at the end to keep it safe for the ride home.

I'm not surprised that Kathi did all that because she's been property mistress, assisted by her son, Robert, for the last two plays at Barstow Community College. Robert was serving in short pants and he always looks good in them.

I didn't expect the silent auction. There were some really great items and they went very reasonably.

Annitta Macheda was at the podium before Jeannine Rittel took over for the fashion show featuring clothes from Outlet Mall's Liz Claibourne and Van Huesen. Models were Jessica Barton, Evelyn Berry, Joyce Brady, Breana Feistel, Christine Kruse, Cindy Pearce and Randy Pearce. Most of the models were members except for Dustin Freedman and Michael Dominguez.

There were a lot of door prizes. One winner, Peg Ross Pawlat from the Victor Valley Chapter was accompanied by her mother, June Ross from San Diego. It turned out to be Peg's birthday so the usual singing waiters and slab of chocolate cake with candles ensued.

My table mates were Nicolette and Millie Grill, Frances Wood and Joyce Bingham. Frances has written a book `Four Years of Track Life' available at the MVR Museum and I for one intend to read it.

At other tables were Peggy and Gerald Flagg, Agnes Dell Davis, Karen Hutchison, Pat English and Judy Barton.

Samantha Cardenas was sitting with Danielle Kruse and Ja Vuiller who are Rainbow Girls and Jobs Daughters. Samantha explained that she is a Majority Rainbow, meaning that she is too old for Rainbow Girls and will have to be invited into Eastern Star.

We were well fed throughout the tea each receiving a tray first with tea sandwiches including cucumber, tuna and potato salad. Followed up later by a tray of desserts, by that time we were too full to eat.

A number of nonmembers were there including Vanessa Hernandez, Movita Hernandez, Dolores Chavez, Susan Reese, Erin Munro, Melissa Bundt and Nate Akers.

All I can say is if this is their inaugural event, then next year should be a doozy not to be missed.

ABOUT THE WRITER Bette "Bee Jay" Moses is a special events correspondent to the Desert Dispatch. She can be reached at (760) 987-6915 or